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Hey readers! If youve ended up on this blog, you have probably hit every wall imaginable in your journey to acquire that magical weight loss program that will finally work and make an ounce of difference (yes, pun intended). Chances are, you have also tried and tested every convincing diet, weight-loss supplement and 10-day weight loss exercise program that appears on the first 3 pages of googling How to Lose Weight. After getting tired of putting myself through grueling diets and exercise regimes that never work, I decided to crack my knuckles and start researching WHY, Why do these diets not work on me as they do for so many of these Before and After shots of people? Why does this promising crash-course not allow me to lose weight in 10 days as it says? Well, Ive got great news for you! You neednt spend any time on hunting down the truth behind weightloss I have done the hard work for you and compiled below a list of the most common myths about weight loss that almost always makes our efforts useless. This is one of the biggest myths about going on a weight loss regime. There are so many diets out there that promise you that consuming X amount of calories is a guaranteed way of losing weight. But lets attack this logically first, 100 Calories from a bowl of Salad is not the same as 100 Calories from a decadent piece of frosty donut, because then wed all be losing weight while on a full diet sponsored by Dunkin Donuts! (oh, how I wish!) But why is it that it is not the same and how does it work? Calories are a measure of energy, so 100 calories will have the same energy content. The difference lies in the source of this calorie intake and how your body handles the breaking down of these calories. Each food source follows its own metabolic breakdown method to be consumed into your body and release energy. This also has a direct effect on your appetite and hormones which is crucial for weight loss or toning up. Simply put, always remember that the longer your food takes to breakdown the less likely you are to feel hunger pangs and consequently eat more calories than you need. Carbs and sugar are the easiest to breakdown and disseminate into your body as fat and energy; breaking down protein calories takes longer. This is why replacing carbs and sugar with protein will boost your metabolism, reduce hunger and increase your energy levels.

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